Fairford Town Crier Competition
Saturday 7th August 2010

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Organised by Fairford Town Council


Fairford Market Place: 10.15 am to 5.30 pm

Host Crier: Maurice Jones

Photos by Paul Skinner, PjASK

Fairford Town Crier Competiton
Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Winner of the Main Competition and Best Dressed Crier - Mark Wylie from Calne -
sponsored by Co-op Stores. It was only his second ever competition! Pictured with the Mayor of Fairford, Cllr Joe Cusack

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Second in the Main Competition - John Sweetman from Truro, Grampound, Creed & Kenwyn
- sponsored by 7a and 'Motormouth'

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Winner of the Main Competition and Best Dressed Crier - Mark Wylie from Calne

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Third in the Main Competition - Trevor Heeks from Trowbridge
sponsored by The Bull Hotel & Peggy Vagasky

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Winner of the Best Dressed Couple - Peder and Jan Nielson from Bromyard & Winslow

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Winner of the Best Dressed Escort - Diane Sweetman from Cornwall

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

Winner of the Children's Competition - Molly Davis

Fairford Town Crier Competiton

The Children's Competition

Event Programme

  • 10.15am   Draw for Cries
  • 10.45am   Parade: from Community Centre to Market Place
  • 11.00am   First Cry: about Crier’s hometown
  • 12.30pm   Irish Dancing Display
  • 12.45pm   Lunch
  • 1.45pm    Second Cry: The Cotswold Lion and it’s connection with Fairford Church
  • 3.15pm    Children Competition
  • 3.45pm    Competition Results
  • 4.15pm    Presentation of Prizes
  • 5.30pm    Town Criers leave

Visit the winner's website for an overview of the day.

Fairford Town Crier, Maurice Jones


Town Crier competitions are held in various towns throughout the year. The aim of the competitions is for Town Criers to visit other towns and be ambassadors for their own towns

The first cry is always a ‘Home Town Cry’, which gives Criers the opportunity to tell the audience about all the good things of their home town and why they should visit.

The second Cry today is about a local subject—the Cotswold Lion sheep and its connection with St Mary’s Church. It is up to each Crier to research and prepare the Cry.

The Cries are judged on two disciplines:
Diction and Inflection: The cry must be clear, crisp and understandable. It should be free from slurred words and excessive voice affectations. There should be a natural rise and fall in the inflection to emphasise the important points. Well placed pauses or breaths help the flow of the cry and thus clarify its meaning.
Sustained Volume & Clarity: The Crier should maintain the same tempo and speed for the duration of the cry. Consistency of volume must be maintained throughout the cry, except where fluctuations have been purposely used for the emphasis or style.

There is also a Best Dressed competition , which is separated into: Best Dressed Crier, Best Dressed Couple & Best Dressed Escort.

More about Maurice!

Maurice was born and bred in Fairford, and apart from 6 years in nearby Cirencester, has lived here all his life. He became a Town Crier in 1975 after taking a dare to enter a competition. Fairford Town Council recognised his talent and appointed him its official Town Crier in 1983. This allowed Maurice to become a member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers. He reached the semi final of the World Championships at his first attempt, paving the way for a long and successful career.

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Town Criers Taking Part

Joseph Beard: Crier of Llandovery
Sponsors: Sanctuary Mortgages Ltd & Joan Braithwaite
Mike Bishop: Crier of Frome
Sponsor: Mitchell & Sarjent
Ken Brightwell: Crier of Cheltenham
Sponsor: Kim Sutton Gallery and AP Decorating
George Carpenter: Crier of Wotton under Edge
Sponsor: Deli Allium
Owen Collier: Crier of Wooton Bassett
Sponsor: The Plough, Barnes Removals
David Craner: Crier of Crewkerne
Sponsor: Fairford Post Office, Ken Hinton
Peter Dauncey: Crier of Town and Manor of Melksham
Sponsor: Josh Hairdressers
Anthony Evans: Crier of Nailsworth & Minchinhampton
Sponsor: Stroud & Swindon Building Society
David Fry: Crier of South Gloucestershire
Sponsor: Mr & Mrs Hope and The Bridge Restaurant
Roy Goodwin: Crier of Ilfracombe
Sponsor: Coln House School & Des Coates
Trevor Heeks: Crier of Trowbridge
Sponsor: The Bull Hotel, Peggy Vagasky

Frank Housam: Crier of Witheridge, Devon
Sponsor: Restaurant Allium
Derek Jackson: Crier of Tetbury
Sponsor: The Hobson family and Paul Kent
Peder Nielson: Crier of Bromyard & Winslow
Sponsor: PJ Wheeler, Builders
Derrick Price M.B.E.: Crier of Knighton
Sponsor: Flying Start Nursery and Arthur Finney
Ken Purchase: Crier of Newton Abbott
Sponsor: Trevor Hing, Judith Butler
Philip Roy Seddon: Crier of Warminster
Sponsor: Cotswold Therapy Rooms
Angela Standing: Crier of Arundel
Sponsor: Mr Ernest Hairdressers, Fairford Therapy Centre
John Sweetman: Crier of Truro, Grampound, Creed & Kenwyn
Sponsors: 7a & ‘Motormouth’
Raymond Bruce Trigger: Crier of Yeovil
Sponsor: Coln House School
Jean Wells: Crier of Blandford Forum
Sponsor: 4 Business Services Ltd and Fairford Opticians
Mark Wylie: Crier of Calne
Sponsor: Keith Co-op Manager

Previous Town Crier Competiton in Fairford
A Previous Town Crier Competiton in Fairford

Thank You!

There are many people to thank for their support and help with running the Fairford Town Crier Competition,
without them, it would not have been possible to have such an event.


Gardners Roofing for the Fairford medals
The Ernest Cook Trust for the trophies and shields
Hanson Group for the prize money
Arkells for the bottles of beer
Andrew Butler for the bags
Londis for the bottles of water
Co-op Stores for the bottles of water
Fairford History Society for the Fairford Now & Then books
St Mary’s PCC for the cookery books and trays
Fairford & Lechlade Business Club for a donation towards the running costs
And all the individual sponsors listed above.


The refreshments are being provided by Fairford Women’s Institute, Fairford Country Markets and The Bull Hotel.

First Aid

First Aid Cover is provided by Fairford Emergency Support Team


Paul Skinner


Bill Malin—President of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers
Lt Col Price—RAF Fairford
Cllr Joe Cusack—Fairford Town Mayor
Rev Brian Atkinson—St Mary’s Church
Muriel Goddard—Swindon Speakers Club
Vanessa Lawrence—Town Clerk
Freda Lang—Former Town Mayor


Fairford Brownies & Fairford Scouts


Steve Evans, Alison Hobson, Pat Jones, Cath Hogarth, Vanessa Lawrence, Penny Ibbotson, Cllr S Boulton, Cllr S Jones and of course Cllr M Jones.

Irish Dancers

The Irish Dancers are from the Farrell School of Irish Dancing, which is a local group based at Fairford Town Football Club, Cinder Lane, Fairford.

Previous Town Crier Competiton in Fairford
A Previous Town Crier Competiton in Fairford

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