Fairford Under Water 2007

0n 20th July 2007, after a day of torrential rain, it was difficult to tell the difference between roads and rivers, gardens and lakes and in some cases houses and swimming pools. The A417 became a raging torrent flowing eastwards - there was flooding in Milton Street, a brief view of tarmac over the Town Bridge and then the bottom of the Market Place disappeared under water as the River Coln burst its banks just to the east of the Town Bridge. Water flowed into Back Lane, but the majority surged down the A417, some diverting down the Plies into Moor Lane and Courtbrook.

Houses at East End were severely flooded and experienced sewage outflow once again despite Thames Water's £3 million sewerage improvement last year. Residents in Moor Lane and Courtbrook had to limit their use of water so as not to have sewage appear in their bathrooms, gardens and garages. (Porta Loos appeared on the scene on Monday 23rd.). Phone lines went down and flooded houses often lost their electricity.

People rallied round: neighbours in Moor Lane and Courtbrook carried peoples' belongings and furniture upstairs on the Friday evening and Saturday morning. Other people distributed sandbags. The firemen were wonderful, but in reality there was nowhere to pump the water to.

The River Walk became truly a walk in the river as the Coln also overflowed at Dilly's Bridge adding another lot of water heading for Courtbrook and Moor Lane. 

The following pictures were taken on Saturday 22nd July. Click on the picture for a larger view and then on the Back Button to return to this page.

Check out the Environment Agency's web site for information on the local floodplains. See the Environment Agency's Report

Flooded Milton Street

River Coln on the right, Water Meadows on the left

The A417 and Londis which was flooded, but open again on the Monday

more pictures

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