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One of The Environmental Society's regular activities
is Litter Picking in Fairford

Litter Pick 6th April 2013

Litter Pick 6th April 2013

Advertising in the Town Council Newsletter paid dividends as there was an excellent turnout for the Litter Pick. The Town Council supplied litter grab sticks and Mark, our CDC councillor, arranged for much of the litter to be collected by CDC. Other collectors took the litter home with them in special bags for CDC to collect with the normal rubbish.

As usual there was a lot of debris to pick up including the inevitable bicycle wheel.

Litter Pick 6th April 2013

Litter Pick 3rd March 2012

A heavy downpour just before the designated start time did not put members off and there was a record turnout – the keen litter pickers being rewarded with brilliant sunshine. Once again many bags of rubbish were filled, with glass and plastic being collected separately for recycling. Lovers’ Walk and the A417 approach to Fairford from Lechlade were two of the targeted areas.

Below: some of the litter pickers and rubbish along a short stretch of the A417.

Litter Pick 3rd March 2012 Litter Pick 3rd March 2012

Litter Pick 13th November 2010

A group of members once again took to the streets of Fairford and the weather was kind to us. Areas covered included Waterloo Lane and the area around Coln House School, Park Street, Leafield Road, Lover's Walk, the Walnut Tree Field and the Croft.

As usual Lover's Walk had the most litter - the almost obligatory bike wheel, drink bottles, a plastic broom handle, crisp packets and a full bag of undelivered charity envelopes.

FES litter Pick November 10

The previous litter pick was on Saturday 27th March 2010

Litter Pick 7th November 2009

On 7th November a group of about fifteen from the Environmental Society hit a few spots around the town to gather rubbish. The photo below shows the pile we gathered from the verges and ditches along Leafield Road, past the schools and upto the new Polish Camp Memorial – also from along Lover’s Lane.

There were the expected crisp packets, sweet wrappers and drinks bottles. More surprising was the sheer quantity of Stella Cans, a large bag of empty cat food sachets, at least a dozen Café Crème cigar tins, the coffee cups – all apparently thrown out of passing cars. Lover’s Lane threw up a wrecked bicycle, bundle of barbed wire, fuel can plus bottles and cans.

All of this (plus an awful lot more) was safely taken to Fosseway for recycling/disposal.

FES litter Pick November 09

Litter Pick 25th April 2009

Saturday morning of the 25th April 2009 saw eleven dedicated litter pickers descend on parts of Fairford. Armed with gloves and black dustbin liners for rubbish and white ones for recyclable plastic, cans and glass, FES volunteers tackled Park Street, Leafield Road, West End Gardens, The Croft, Back Lane, Gas Lane, Waterloo Lane and the Walnut Tree Field.

Special thanks go to Pete and Ann who bravely extracted rubbish from the smelly ditches in Lovers Walk.

The rubbish included the usual takeaway containers, sweet wrappers, plastic drink bottles, cans and even a discarded turntable.

FES Litter Pick

Bags full of litter. The result of a few hours work.

FES Litter Pick

FES Litter Pick

Leafield Road before (left) and after (above).

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