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The Fairford Environmental Society (FES) was formed to fight the first major planning application for Lake 104 in Fairford, from 1992 to 1994, which consisted of a holiday village and water ski centre. It was successful in keeping the developers at bay.

It also objected to the HBC car scrap yard on Whelford Road and fought against the destruction of the last bit of woodland within the Fairford conservation area at Fayre Court.

Between 2005 and 2008 the Society once again acted as the centre of opposition to the latest threat to our peaceful landscape from Cygnet Investment's planning application for a major second home/tourist development on Lakes 104, 103 and 103a. We represented all the objectors at the Cotswold District Council Planning Committee meeting on 21st February 2007 and worked closely with the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England. Through the generous donations of our many supporters and members we were able to hire a barrister to appear for us at the Public Inquiry held in December 2007 when Cygnet appealed against the CDC refusal.

The Inspector upheld Cotswold District Council's decision and Lake 104 was saved from development yet again.

Cygnet Investments then put in another planning application which CDC approved, but with the exception of a leisure centre Lake 104 will not be built on - so a victory for FES and its supporters.

FES did try to register Lake 104 as a Village Green, and there was a Public Inquiry at the beginning of 2009, but we were unsuccessful. Full details on the Lake 104 campaign are on this website.

As well as reacting to current threats, the Society has been involved in other behind the scenes activities looking to the future. A representative of the Society attended the Gloucestershire Environment Partnership Launch on 17th October 2007 and the Gloucestershire Environment Group Strategy Meeting in January 2008.

The Society made a representation to the Cotswold Water Park Strategy for the next 40 years supporting many of the proposals, but asking for more attention to flooding issues, local road capacity and the wishes of residents.

The Society has been involved in various planning applications affecting the environment including the proposed Country Park between Fairford and Lechlade and trying to secure affordable and social housing for Fairford at Pip's Field.

The FES logo is a great crested grebe which is included in the Cotswold Water Park Biodiversity Plan and reflects the Society's desire to promote biodiversity in the Fairford area and enhance the natural environment which is such an important feature of living in Fairford.

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